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My name is Mario, aka Supersmask (nickname when I was a kid was Smask, so why not put Super and Smask together right?), and I’ve been streaming casino games, mostly slots, since July 2017. I’ve been playing slots online since end of 2016.

I live in the beautiful city of Malmö, with just water seperating me and the motherland, Denmark. Sweden has been my home for more than 15 years.

Early 2018 I was lucky enough to join the great streamers on Casinogrounds. An awesome group of guys with a top notch site/community.

It’s been an awesome ride so far and couldn’t have asked for a better start.

I have just recently given the site a makeover (2019) and really hope you enjoy it here.

Here you’ll find everything from

  • Videos / Streams
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Casino links
  • Help/Guides to casino bonuses/terms
  • Bucket list

and much much more!


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